We are always living in the energies coming from planets and stars. The space above us where planets and stars dwell is called ‘zodiac’. The zodiac is divided into 12 parts and each part of the zodiac is called ‘sign’ or ‘rasi’. Thus there are 12 signs in the zodiac wheel.

Since we are exposed to the energies of planets and stars, the energies coming from them are absorbed into our body continuously. Hence the energies coming from the zodiac will influence our whole body and in particular, the specific energy coming from each sign of the zodiac will influence the specific part of our body. So the 12 signs influence our body parts. For example, our head receives more energy from Aries sign, so head is influenced more by Aries. Similarly, our neck is influenced by Taurus, our hands by Gemini, chest by Cancer, heart by Leo, stomach by Virgo, buttocks by Libra, genitals by Scorpio, thighs by Sagittarius, knees by Capricorn, calves by Aquarius and feet by Pisces.

All of our body parts are covered by skin. While the planetary energies enter our body through our skin, they leave some markings and lines on our body or skin. For example, the lines on our forehead, in our palms and under our feet are all formed in this way only. When good energies enter our body, we feel peaceful and become healthy and wealthy. When bad energies enter our body, we feel disturbed and are prone to various problems. Understanding the energies whether they are good or bad by observing the marks and lines on the body will enable us to predict the future of a person. This is called ‘Anga Vidya’ (Science of limbs).

The skin is very sensitive at our lips, in our palms and also at our feet. Energy flows in and out at pointed surfaces. Since our palms and feet are attached to fingers and toes which are pointed, there will be more energy flow in these areas. So, the marks and lines on the palms and feet give clear information about the energies going into or coming out of our body. So it is possible to predict the future of a person by observing the marks and lines of the palms and feet also. Predicting one’s future by studying the marks and lines in the palms is called ‘Hasta Samudrika’ (Palmistry) and predicting the future by studying the marks and lines in the feet is called ‘Paada Samudrika’ (Footology).

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Connection between Astrology and Palmistry

In Astrology, we draw the planetary positions in the zodiac at the time of birth of a person and analyze the good or bad energies of planets by their positions and aspects. This drawing is called horoscope of the person. In Palmistry, we can estimate the good and bad energies of planets by looking at the marks and lines of the palms. In other words we can say our palms contain in-built horoscope. With this idea, some people who are experts in Astrology and Palmistry tried to build horoscope of a person from the lines of the palm. Similarly, some scholars tried to describe the lines and marks in the palms of a native by looking at his horoscope. Such people are called ‘Astro-palmists’. The science ‘Astropalmistry’ refers to the Astrology part that is directly reflected in Palmistry. Astropalmistry is in its infant state because any person who wants to become an Astro-palmist should be versatile in both the sciences: Astrology and Palmistry which is not so easy.

Some Astro-palmists were able to identify the zodiac signs and planetary positions in the palm as shown in the following figures. Some of them claim to derive the horoscope of the person from Palmistry.

signs in palm planets in palm
One of the ancient books in Astrology that has been kept secret for centuries together in North India and recently made available to the Astrologers is ‘Lal kitab’. This book contains several chapters where Palmistry is linked to Astrology. There are citations linking marks and lines in the palm to the position of the planets in the horoscope. For example, if the Sun line is good and starts from Venus mount and ends on Sun mount, then the planet Sun is found in the first house in the horoscope. Similarly if Sun line is running towards Jupiter mount, then Sun is posited in the second house. In this way there is clear description in Lal kitab linking Palmistry and Astrology. However, this area awaits a lot of research.


Some general points about planets can be understood by observing the palms.

Horoscope from Palmistry

This is the birth chart of a male born on January 12th, 1980 at 79E07, 13N12, India. We have shown the actual palm image of the person, next to the birth chart. The lines in the palm image are slightly improved for clear visibility. Let us see how some important aspects between planets are indicated by the energy flow in the lines of the palm.

astropalmistry horoscope astropalmistry palm picture

Sun trine Saturn – energy flow in the line EDF.

Sun trine Mars - represented by the line JBDE.

Mercury conjunction Sun - energy flow along CBDE.

Mercury trine Jupiter – shown by the line CBDG.

Moon sextile Mars – shown by the line IJ.

Moon sextile Jupiter - line IJFG.

Mars conjunction Jupiter – lines HG and also JFG.

Mars trine Mercury – lines ABC and also JBC.

Mars trine Sun – lines ABDE and also JBDE.

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