Every one of us is having our own qualities, a style of living, a way of dealing with others and a way of showing our affections. Also, it is possible that some people in our surroundings feel attracted to us because they love these qualities of ours. Thus there happens a bond which is called most often friendship or love.

It is true that certain lines and markings in your palms reveal the periods of love and circumstances which lead to love marriage. It is easy to find them in your palms and interpret them. By reading this article, you will be able to understand whether there are any love affairs in your life and whether they will be successful or not.
The lines which cause love affairs can be seen in 4 areas in a palm.

A. Lines coming from the Mount of Venus.
B. Lines coming from the Mount of Moon.
C. Lines coming from the percussion below the little finger.
D. Curved lines starting between the first two fingers and ending between the last two fingers.

Before going further, recognize these 4 areas in the Figure shown at right hand side. These areas should be observed in both the hands to arrive at correct conclusions.
palmistry love areas in the hand
The lines on the Mount of Venus which are below the Life line are called ‘influence lines’. These lines represent opposite sex who influence you for a considerable period. Of course, the first line which is closer to the Life line will represent your spouse. The other lines below this line will indicate your lovers. [Fig 1] The more these influence lines, the more number of people will influence your life.

palmistry influence lines
If the influence line is nearer to the Life line at the beginning but gradually moving away from the Life line, the person whom you much loved will be away from you slowly. His or her influence on you will decrease gradually. [Fig 2]

love and romance in palm lines
A line which starts from the Mount of Venus that contains an island on it and ends at the Line of Heart represents a love affair which gives much trouble to the native. [Fig 3] troubled love in palm lines
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Influence lines can also be found on Mount of Moon. A line from the Mount of Moon merging into the Line of Fate represents a love affair which culminates into marriage. [Fig 4] If the line does not touch the Fate line, then the love affair will not lead to marriage.

love and romance lines in palms
If the line from the Mount of Moon has an island and touches the Fate line, it is an indication that you will face misfortune in the love affair. [Fig 5]

love lines in palmistry
If the line from the Mount of Moon which is reaching the Fate line is cut by another line from the Mount of Venus, it represents opposition from your parents and relatives to your love marriage. [Fig 6]

parents opposition to love marriage
If the Fate line is starting from the Mount of Moon and merging nicely into the Heart line, you are likely to have a love affair which becomes successful. [Fig 7] palmistry love affair in the hand
If the Fate line on the other hand does not merge into the Heart line but abruptly stops at Heart line, then you will see failure in your love. [Fig 8]

palmistry love affair in the hand
Generally, we can see one or more lines below the little finger at the side of percussion. Among them, the line which is strong and long represents marriage and the other lines represent love affairs. [Fig 9]

vedic palmistry love and romance marks in palms
If such a love line is close to the Heart line, then the love affair would be at the age of 18 to 21 years. If the love line is in the middle between the Heart line and the base of the little finger, then the love will happen at about 25 to 28 years of age. If the line is close to the little finger, then the love affair occurs at 40 to 45 years of age. [Fig 10] However, in several cases, the love lines which are seen above the marriage line (towards the base of little finger) represent the affection towards the children.

vedic palmistry love and romance marks in palms
When there are two marriage lines running parallel and closer to each other, the native is likely to maintain another love relation along with the marriage. [Fig 11] In some cases, it represents revival of old love relation after marriage.

love affair after marriage in palmistry
The marriage line should bend towards the Heart line gracefully. When the marriage line is highly bending towards the Heart line, there is possibility of love marriage which will lead to dissatisfaction because of psychological differences. [Fig 12] When such a line is touching the Heart line, then separation or divorce can be confirmed.

love marriage in palm lines
The curved line starting from between the first two fingers and ending between the last two fingers is called Girdle of Venus. If this Girdle of Venus is half formed or broken or has cutting lines [Fig 13], then remember you are very possessive in love. Also, your eccentric behavior will trouble your partner. Such people will have several love affairs which end in disappointment.

love disappointment in palmistry
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